So we’re starting a new and very wonderful pattern from Danger Studios, a stripey monster with a baby monster, Daphne and Delilah. We’ve done some stripey things in the past and had a lot of problems getting it right. I studied the tutorial on how to stripe at Tech Knitting (which is excellent and if you knit, it’s really helpful) and explained it carefully to the knitters. They always take what I’ve taught them and within a few hours, do it better than I could ever hope to do it myself. Except for the stripes. I have no idea what we’re/they’re doing wrong or how to correct this.

So I’m posting some photos here of what they’ve knit so far. If you’re a knitter and can offer any advice on how to improve what you see below, fire away.

The one above is Tyna and I think it’s a jog, plain and simple.