A lot has happened at the CK office in the past few weeks.  This is part of the reason for the silence on the blog.  We had to let go of one of our original knitters as it came to light that she was not on the same page as the rest of us.  Most detrimentally she was refusing to learn new lace patterns (it didn’t suit her) or teach the other staff knitting skills.  So today, to make up for last time, I spent the morning with the remaining staff for an indulgent day of learning.

Poan and Navy have wanted to learn to knit since they started with us back in November.  Today they finally got the chance to sit down with a puppet pattern, ask questions, get all the help they need and finish off one doggie dog each.  Rofi, Tyna and I worked our way through three new lace patterns. We all made mistakes and ripped up at least one swatch but we learned more this morning than we have been in the past few weeks.

What I’ve learned is to take nothing for granted.  I can’t assume that I know what’s going on unless I take every effort to monitor it myself.  I feel terrible and sad that Poan and Navy are only now getting their chance to learn knitting and that they were made to feel selfish for asking questions in the past.

Time will heal all wounds.