A long, long, long time ago I started teaching the knitters (and myself) lace knitting.  It wasn’t really that long ago, a few months, but there were some setbacks.  The past month though, we’ve been pounding away at it and are now in the process of thinking about a line of products.  We’re started with headband and maybe bracelets because these are a quick knit, but also because the knitters were already making them in simple garter stitch before.  Now that they have learned more than a dozen lace patterns, it was time to put those skills to use.

The headbands below were knit by Tyna and Rofi.  They chose the pattern themselves and played around with stitch counts and needle size.  They also crocheted the ends to accommodate button holes which they hadn’t put in before.  I think they did a great job!  This morning we started another headband and there will be photos soon.