What does the Operations Supervisor do specifically?

My responsibility is to make sure that enterprise grows by maintaining a good team work and quality of products. I am here to assist and coach the staff and producers to work positively in order to increase quantity and quality.

I am regularly checking the progress and plan to that I am sure that we are in the right track.

What experiences do you think have most prepared you for working with Cambodia Knits?

My ten year professional experience working with handicraft communities and SMEs development in Cambodia, I am confident to fulfill my duty and contribute to the growth of enterprise as well as team development. Furthermore, my business management and customer relation skills enable my expertise to expand markets. This does not only bring the benefit to Cambodia Knits but also empowering producers’ livelihoods.

How did you first hear about Cambodia Knits?

Cambodia Knits is doing a great job for helping marginalized groups generating income through home base knitted and crochet toys in the outskirts area and rural communities in the provinces. Furthermore, CK has clear value and mission which encourage staff and producers work happily in better work atmosphere.

What are you most excited about working on? 

It is so great to work with CK and team, everyone is motivated to share the ideas and comments for the development of the enterprise. We have equal opportunity to learn and develop our professional career with CK.

What do you hope to see happen for Cambodia Knits in 2016?

I hope that we can achieve our plan 2016 by increasing the number of products and the producers. In addition, we have promoted and sent the staff for the training so that I hope they will capable of achieving their task and goal properly.

Is there anything else you would like the subscribers to know about you?

I don’t have blog so only my facebook: Chomnab Ho.