A return to blogging and a visiting crocheter

First, an apology.  We have not kept up with our blog since November and have been horribly absent.  This is due to a number of reasons:  pre-Christmas busy-ness, some minor dramas and strategic planning for CK’s future that all together put a pause on my enthusiasm for this blog.  But rest assured, I’m/CK is back and we’ll keep you updated on all that has happened and our exciting plans fro 2011!

Last week we had a visit from a lovely Australian lady named Fiona and her young, knitter daughter, Zoe.  Fiona has a shop in Melbourne and was interested in stocking our products after seeing them at Chilli Kids on Street 240.  She popped in for a visit and gave our office staff a lesson crochet pattern reading.  We’d done learning with Mandy a few months back, but this was the next step in understanding a whole pattern.  I don’t have a photo of the finished product because… we didn’t finish, but we’ll get back to it this afternoon and will post some photos tomorrow.

Meanwhile here is a photo of Fiona teaching at CK.  To read more, follow this link to the Onabee site.

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  1. Monika
    everyone in Melbourne is loving the finger puppets.
    Thanks again


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