Cambodia Knits (CK) is a social enterprise working with marginalized communities in and near Phnom Penh. Our goal is to produce beautiful, high quality and unique hand-made products while providing fair and flexible employment opportunities.

CK produces a cute and lovable range of hand-knitted and crocheted woolen toys; we’ve been creating animals and monsters since 2009, adding finger puppets, magnets and more along the way. Our focus is on creating quality products with quality materials—making sure each individual piece receives the same care and attention that we hope you will give once you take it home!

An added bonus of choosing one of our little woolen wonders is that your purchase will help to support local community members in Cambodia by providing them with sustainable employment. CK believes that employment opportunities help empower marginalized communities to find a way out of poverty, especially when their work is fairly paid and helps to address the challenges they face. We refuse to employ anyone under the age of 18 , encouraging all of those we work with to ensure their children receive a good education by remaining in school.

As a social enterprise, we invest in our communities because we believe that putting people ahead of profit results in a great product!

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Do you like our products and want to support the work CK is doing with marginalized communities in Cambodia? As well as purchasing our tremendous toys, you can also make a donation via PayPal to contribute to the training and ongoing support we offer to our production teams.