CK is growing….

So a few weeks ago, we had a staff meeting at the head office to tell the staff the news that we need to hire more staff and boost production to keep up with growing demand.  Good news!  The next week, Hagar visited us with three potential staff and some of their current students as part of a work exposure visit.  Two weeks ago, three new women started and are settling in with the CK familia.

We’re finally filling in the workspace!  Where once there were four, there are now 7!  The photo below shows more as we have a couple women training with us for a couple days in the fine skills of assembly.  I talked to the new staff at the beginning of their second week to see how they are going, and they are happy to be part of the team.  We’re happy with them and hope they can learn and develop more skills over the next months.


  1. Wow, I love that logo on the wall! A knitting apsara!

  2. Yes! to the logo
    and I love how they sit and work. At the place I was in August one of the guides was telling and showing us how we North Americans (I wanted to write Neanderthals – in the area of food and exertion we are) sit when we work and that 90% of the globe sits to eat and work just like the women at CK. Can I send him this photo?

    • Hey of course! Pass it on. I sometimes worry that Western visitors will look and think we’re cruel to staff making them work on the floor… but they prefer it! Especially for lunchtime.


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