Knitting Graduates

Chariya and I finally had the time to print out certificates for all the training that has gone on the past few months.  Navy and Poan, who were finally able to learn how to knit after the departure of Mony (who for some reason, on her own, decided they would not be allowed to learn knitting; this still confounds me) received a Basic Knitting Techniques and Pattern Reading certificate.  This means they can do everything from knits to purls, 2 different increases and 2 different decreases, yarn overs, short rows and read patterns (in Khmer!).  Chariya, my translator and right hand woman, also received this certificate cause she knits as well as anyone and she does all the translating.

Then everyone received a certificate for Basic Lace Knitting.  This is based on the all the work we did out of the Harmony Guides Lace and Eyelets book.  All of the staff can now do multiple designs, read patterns and charts.  Soon, we’ll do more work on creating our own lace patterns and then they can get an Intermediate level rating.  Exciting stuff!

Tyna getting her certificate

Rofi getting her certificate

Navy getting her certificate

Poan getting her certificate

Chariya with her certificate

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