Synchronized Swimming in Hong Kong

Social media is awesome and we wouldn’t have half as many sales/fans/friends without it.  Story goes like this:  long lost friend that I took an introductory Japanese class with in Toronto in 2002 and who I lost contact with back in 2006 or 7 found me on LinkedIn.   Then we became friends on Facebook and I invited her to the CK fan page.  She thought CK was cool and passed it around to her friends.  One of her friends happens to travel to Cambodia for work from Hong Kong occasionally and sent the link around to more friends and then collected orders.   These he picked up back in August and then sent us these awesome photos from a satisfied customer (a mom-to-be).

Love it!  I don’t think small businesses like ours would be able to succeed without the incredible access (free) we get through the Internet.  To be able to produce a small line of fairly made products in Cambodia and get them to people in far flung places is incredible.

We’re so proud to be part of this welcome package for baby!

Drying in the sun, with the HK hills in the background.

They look like a synchronized swimming team!

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