The Knitting Accountant

I was very surprised upon my return from holidays in Canada to find our accountant, Vandet, knitting.  Not only knitting, but knitting a monster, in the round, and with great skill.  I asked him what was going on and what compelled him to learn how to knit.  He told me the knitters in the office told him he couldn’t do it.  In my own life, this is the exact reason I have gone and done something:  riding a dirt bike, playing guitar, learning kanji.  It’s a great feeling proving someone who doubts your ability to learn wrong.  Not that the knitters were being mean as the atmosphere at the CK workshop is very fun and supportive.

And Vandet has certainly proven them wrong!   His stitches are nice and even.  He’s figured out decreases in the round.  He can manipulate 5 needles.  Sure he’s slow and time will only tell if he actually becomes and active knitter, but he is a poster child for “anyone who wants, can learn”.

Vandet with expert teacher, Rofi.

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