100+ Cambodian Souvenirs: The Ultimate List to Ethical, Sustainable Shopping

Everywhere you look in Cambodia, you’ll see cheap products: jewelry, silk scarves, bags, soaps and fashion items, especially at the markets. But how can you know if these products are authentic Cambodian souvenirs? Many are not and are made in factories in neighbouring countries, under less than ideal working conditions. Yet, Cambodia is full of local brands and businesses making high quality and special Cambodian souvenirs and gifts.

Read on for our mega list of 100+ brands you can be sure are local and superb (and a bonus list of where to shop at the end).

shop full of fairly made products in Cambodia

SATU Shop in Siem Reap

Whether you are visiting the Kingdom or living here, you want your dollars spent in support of the local economy and the local people. To help you, we have compiled this mega-list of Cambodian souvenirs, gifts and products. We’ve add a bonus list of where to shop in person and online at the end.

How did we select these 100+ Superb Cambodian Brands?

Each brand, product or company must be based in Cambodia and tick one (or more) of the following: 

    • 🌱 Supports environmental issues: reducing plastic use, sustainable material use, uses natural, locally sourced materials and ingredients
    • 🧍 Provides local employment opportunities under fair conditions
    • 📍 Is locally produced or grown, uses local materials, ingredients, raw materials 
    • 🐘 Promotes Cambodian traditions, arts, culture or heritage

Read on and discover just how much amazing shopping there is that truly supports the people of Cambodia.


Cambodia Souvenirs for Kids and Babies

  1. Cambodia Knits (that’s us!) is a long-established children’s toy brand in Cambodia. We make super cute, safety-certified and eco-friendly toys and we’re provisional members of the World Fair Trade Organization. You can shop at our store in Phnom Penh or order online here or via our global site

cute girl at angkor temple with apsara doll

  1. Panha Sabay develops and produces educational toys for the children using upcycled materials. They make great presents for children back home aged 4-9 and your purchase supports the wonderful work of PS in promoting fun and play based learning in Cambodian Schools. Contact them on Facebook to make a purchase.
  2. Kameng Sabai is Cambodia’s first locally produced cloth diaper brand. Their products help to reduce toxic plastic diaper pollution and provide fairly paid work for the women who sew their products.
  3. Beebee+Bongo is the global brand of Cambodia Knits. You can find their products, all locally made, at shops across the country even as far off as Mondulkiri through the ELIE Project.

two-finger puppets fairly made Cambodia

  1. Phare Ponleu Selepak is not only an incredible performance experience in Siem Reap, the organization also has their own line of products to support their artists. From colorful juggling balls to coloring books and a fun collaborative family card game, you can bring a little bit of Cambodia circus arts home with you.
  2. Baby Bump sells a variety of eco-friendly products for babies and young children. Many of their products are ethically produced by local craftspeople and social enterprises.
  3. The Cambodian Women’s Support Group is an ethical sewing collection making products for other brands as well as their own collection of bags, toys and home products. They have lovely and fairly made rattle balls with the local Khmer script, a unique Cambodian souvenir.
  4. No Planet B, an eco and refill shop located inside of Babel Guesthouse in Siem Reap, makes delightful and environmentally friendly bamboo and wooden toys. Babel is also a superb place to stay with kids.

Cambodian Souvenir wooden car
Food and Beverage

  1. Samai Rum is a local brand started by Venezuelian expats. While rum  is not traditionally Khmer, this locally distilled spirit sure is. Using various local ingredients like Kampot pepper and local molasses, it’s the only premium rum brand in the country. The distillery is open to the public on Thursday nights. They sell 5cl bottles that make perfect gifts.
  2. Sombai is an award winning locally crafted liquor, blending Creole and Khmer cultures. They sell their products in beautifully hand painted bottles and are served at hotels and restaurants across the country. Check their website for up-to-date locations of where to taste and buy.
  3. SEEKERS locally brewed spirits take inspiration from the tastes of the Mekong Region. Serving up craft gin, vodka and other spirits, SEEKERS products make a great gift. If you’re in Phnom Penh, their Spirit House bar and restaurant is a must visit.

Cambodian gin souvenir

  1. IBIS Rice is not only organic but also wildlife friendly, protecting endangered species while creating economic opportunities for farmers in remote area of Cambodia. IBIS rice is premium quality jasmine rice, known in Cambodia as phka romduol. In addition to their white and brown rice, they also produce delicious and healthy rice cakes and a rice cereal, all of which are available in supermarkets across the Kingdom.
  2. Hattha Neary works with small-scale farmers, carefully hand processing food products such as teas, species and james, and using eco-friendly and handmade packaging. A fully local initiative, HN is supporting women and farmers across the country.
  3. Atelier, located in the southern town of Kampot, is an elegant cafe and bistro and also a producer of the world famous Kampot pepper. Fully certified and using only organic methods of farming and processing, Atelier peppercorns make great gifts and can be found in shops across the country. Check in with their Facebook page for up-to-date locations.
  4. Wat Chocolate, or Temple of Cacao, are the first chocolate makers in Cambodia, overseeing the entire process from beans to bar. The raw ingrediants come from farms in Mondolkiri and Ratanakiri province in the north-east. You can find their delicious chocolates at the Aviary Hotel in Siem Reap, at their flagship shop in Phnom Penh, at select grocery stores across the Kingdom or online.

Cambodian souvenir wat chocolate in a box

  1. BATTAMBANG BLAZE is a hand pressed, locally sourced hot sauce that delivers a flavourful burst of chilli pepper and a spicy kick to scorch your mouth! Available for pick up at select locations in Phnom Penh and via delivery. A perfect Cambodian souvenir for your hot-sauce loving friend.
  2. The teas of Herbal Kulen are inspired by natural medicinal plants that have been used for thousands of years in Cambodia. Their collection of skillfully blended teas are not only delicious but healthy. 
  3. Confirel is a collection of food brands made in Cambodia and celebrating its diverse flavours. From Kampot pepper teas by Kirum Pepper, to rice wines and palm sugar and delicious chewy fruit candies, you’re sure to find something to fill your tummy or bring back as gifts. They have a superb showroom centrally located on Street 178, near the National Museum.
  4. Nature Wild promotes sustainably harvested wild honey and other non-timber products while supporting communities and forest conservation. You can buy a variety of honeys coming from different provinces.
  5. QBee supports beekeepers and produces a range of high quality honeys. Check with their Facebook page for up-to-date listings of where to buy.

row of fair trade honey from Cambodia

  1. Save Cambodia’s Wildlife honey makes a sweet gift to take back home. It is produced by Cambodian farmers, in an eco- and wildlife friendly way and can be purchased at over 200 locations.
  2. Khmer Organic Co-op runs a group of brands which are all rigorously assessed for high organic standards. They have wonderful products to take home as gifts such as cashews, honey and palm sugar.
  3. Did you know that crickets are rich in protein, require less feed and producing much less carbon emissions than traditional protein sources? Cricket House is a new start-up providing training for Cambodian farmers on cricket raising and production of cricket and cricket powder products. Trying their products is a great way to taste the future. 

roasted cricket to eat

  1. Feel Good Coffee is a social business bringing the best in artisan brewed coffee to the Kingdom. You can find them at their cafes across Phnom Penh and in Battambang.
  2. Rumblefish is the only coffee allowed in our house. Using local and regional coffee beans and roasted in-house using traditional artisan techniques, Rumblefish is supremely delicious. You can order beans in bulk from them via their Facebook page or enjoy a cup at Cafe Espresso in Kampot.
  3. Three Corners roast a delicious coffee and are working to build and improve the coffee sector in Cambodia as a whole. You can find their roasted beans at groceries across the Kingdom.
  4. Demeter partners with local schools and small community farms to grow the herbs and flowers used in their teas. They make a delicious and magical butterfly tea that changes colour when you add lime juice and teas for drinking with the different phases of the moon. Check their Facebook page for where to purchase their product

fairly grown and healthy tea from Cambodia

  1. Sela Pepper is Cambodia’s first pepper production factory with fully integrated production capacity. They produce excellent pepper that is sold at supermarkets across the country, in their own grinders along with a variety or pepper based products. Their Black Honey Pepper Sauce makes a superb gift for your BBQ-loving friends.
  2. Kurata Pepper is a Japanese run brand, growing and selling the famed Kampot Pepper. They have a shop in Phnom Penh and they sell their products online in Japan. Famed Kampot pepper makes a great Cambodian souvenir.
  3. La Plantation is a sustainable agricultural and tourism project located near Kampot in southern Cambodia. They produce spices and the world famous Kampot pepper. You can visit their plantation and get a guided tour, eat at their fabulous restaurant or take a cooking class. Their beautifully packaged spices, sauces and pepper make excellent gifts.
  4. Sothy’s Pepper Farm is another option for fully certified Kampot pepper. They grow seasonable fruits as well and provide tours in multiple languages.
  5. Hesed Palm Sugar is an organic farming cooperative, supporting Khmer farmers with modern techniques for this sweet product. You can find their brand of palm sugar, Savannak,  at groceries across the Kingdom, as well as their flagship shop in Phnom Penh: Borisot Natural and Organic.

fairtrade palm sugar from Cambodia


Cambodia Souvenirs: Jewelry

  1. Claycult is a unique jewelry brand making their own hand rolled ceramic beads. They create beautiful, Khmer inspired earnings, necklaces and bracelets in bright colours and fun combinations. Visit their workshop in Siem Reap. They ship internationally too.
  2. Garden of Desire is the brainchild of Ly Pisith, a Paris-trained designer. He creates intricate and stunning pieces from silver and semi-precious stones that are as much art pieces as they are jewellery. There is a Garden of Desire store in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Check the Facebook page for up to date information.
  3. Khmer Creations is a beloved local jewelry brand using upcycled and sustainable materials for their funky collections. You can purchase directly through their Facebook page or at Dai Khmer Refill Shop in Phnom Penh.
  4. Somonea makes products with buffalo horns providing employment for craftspeople in Phnom Penh. They create beautiful pendants, necklaces and earrings. Best way to reach them and make a purchase is through their Facebook page.
  5. Waterlily is a local institution. Christine Gauthier has lived in Cambodia for nearly two decades and her funky, fun designs of beads, buttons and other materials will brighten up not only your wardrobe but also your day. You can find Waterlily Creations at White Mansion Boutique Hotel.
  6. Vanna Art, which you can find inside of Friend’s Future’s Factory in central Phnom Penh, makes personalized, handcrafted jewelry. You can have your name spelled out in Khmer alphabet and turned into a bracelet or necklace. A truly unique gift.

handmade silver jewelry with Khmer script

  1. Penh Lenh is a jewelry brand favored by expats and visitors alike. Their light and fashionable pieces will quickly become staples in your collection. They have a wonderful shop in the Toul Tom Poung area of Phnom Penh or you can shop online with quick local delivery. Check their Facebook page for regular pop-ups and sales. 
  2. Il Nodo jewelry is a product line by Il Nodo Foundation. They train students from poor and vulnerable communities in the arts of silversmithing, who create beautiful, intricate silver designs. You can find them at various pop-ups around town or connect to them via Facebook to place an order.
  3. Saomao can be found at the Made in Cambodia Market in Siem Reap. They produce a line of brass jewelry as well as traditionally woven silk and cotton scarves. They exclusively use materials that are organic, eco-friendly, sustainable, or recycled.
  4. Angkor Bullet Jewelry supports home based workers and their families by turning spent bullets into jewelry. Connect to them on Facebook to learn more about their products and where to buy. As far as Cambodian souvenirs go, this brand is on point. 

Cambodia Souvenirs: Accessories

  1. Lola Ola is another long standing, beloved local brands making funky, colourful bags and accessories. Every single piece is unique and full of bright cheerful patterns. They make bags and a variety of home accessories, all expertly sewn in their Phnom Penh workshop.

lola ola woven handbag

  1. Smateria has been in the Kingdom for more than a decade and are instantly recognizable with their mosquito mesh and upcycled plastic materials in bright colours and modern designs. Shop online or visit their store in Phnom Penh.
  2. Human and Hope Association (HHA) is a community centre in Siem Reap that is entirely run by local Khmer staff. Graduates from their sewing program produce zero-waste lifestyle products, uniforms and accessories. Your purchases support women to achieve financial independence, and proceeds support HHA’s education programs. humanandhopeassociation.org.  

fairly made elephants Cambodia

  1. VillageWorks has been operating in Cambodia for nearly two decades and is the first World Fair Trade Certified brand in the country. They support people with disabilities to make their original line of upcycled cement and fish bag products. They also make jewelry, home accessories and hand woven products.
  2. Daiku is an ethical accessories brand showcasing indigenous artisans from the North-East of Cambodia and their handmade creations. They make colourful and high quality bag and camera straps that can be mixed and matched.
  3. SALASUSU is an ethical fashion brand making handmade handbags and shoes in their Community Factory. They have an excellent website where you can learn more about the people and the brand, and place an order.
  4. SUIJOH is a Japanese founded ethical and sustainable brand making bags, ties and products for the home. Their website gives a great overview of what they do and provinces shipping in Japan.
  5. Daughters of Cambodia has a lovely visitor center in Phnom Penh where you can shop their lovely range of products, get your nails done by their expert staff and enjoy a cold drink. You’ll find lots lovely home accessories here.
  6. MANAVA was conceived from a desire to create beautiful products together with local Cambodian women. Their Artisans use only natural rattan and traditional, time-honoured weaving skills. Their fashionable bags and baskets are a fusion of traditional Cambodian weaving and Kbach symbolism with a minimalist sensibility to create the most unique and beautiful baskets.

fairly made Cambodian souvenir rattan bag

  1. Friends’N’Stuff is the social business of Friends International, a local NGO that supports street children and their families. They produce a fun collection of accessories with upcycled materials, t-shirts and more. 
  2. The Cambodian Women’s Support Group are an ethical sewing collection making products for other brands as well as their own collection of bags, toys and home products.
  3. If you’re looking for a natural bag, Rokhak has got you covered. They make beautiful, functional bags from water hyacinth and support the women who make them. You can find their products at Shop SATU in Siem Reap. 
  4. Smart Craft supports people with disabilities through the creation of recycled products using discarded bicycle inner tubes and used rice sacks. They make a recycled tire wallet that would make an original gift for a friend back home or for yourself. Find them on Facebook or at pop ups around Phnom Penh.



  1. Ambre by Romyda Keth, is legendary in Cambodia. At their stunning and spacious villa shophouse in Phnom Penh, they have been making stunning gowns and outfits for over a decade. You can also find them in Siem Reap or peruse their collection online.

ambre fashion from Cambodia

  1. tonlé is a revolutionary zero-waste global fashion brand, making contemporary clothing from pre-consumer recycled textiles discarded by large manufacturers, using every scrap while leaving 0% waste behind. The brand has been working tirelessly to radically reimagine the fashion industry with equity and justice for all involved. You can purchase tonle clothing at the Dai Khmer Refill Shop in Toul Tom Poung.
  2. Dorsu is a long time beloved basic brand in Cambodia, but there is nothing basic about it. 
  3. Amboh is beloved by expats in Cambodia for their colourful Espadrilles using the locally ubiquitous krama and other local partners. You can even have shoes made within a few days from your own fabric selection. Visit Amboh at their centrally located shop in Phnom Penh. 
  4. You may not think of woolen slippers when you think of Cambodia, but Kingdom of Wow, or KOW for short, makes the warmest, snuggliest and more fashionable, ethical and eco-friendly slippers. They have recently opened up a shop at the Phnom Penh airport and make a perfect pre-departure gift for friends back home.
  5. Morijana is an ethical fashion business supporting Cambodian women who make, pattern, design and manage the brand. They make quality pants, shorts and tops in linen, cotton and 100% viscose. Order online or look out for them at various pop-ups around Phnom Penh.

fairly made linen clothes girls wearing

  1. For all your ethically made lingerie and swimwear needs, there is Culotté.es. They can be made to order and you can mix and match tops and bottoms. They can be found at pop ups around Phnom Penh or contact them through Facebook. 
  2. Say Sabok, a play on the local words for How are you?, is a brand driven by social and environmental sustainability. Their tees, with playful messages spelled out in artful graphics, are all locally and ethically made and mostly from upcycled remnant fabrics. Find out where to buy through their Facebook page.
  3. Yekowave is the first sustainable sportswear brand, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle in Cambodia. All their products are locally made of organic and recycled fibers with excellent performance benefits: naturally breathable and comfortable. You can find their products locally at The Green Store 240, at various pop ups or order globally on their website.
  4. Skyleros a locally owned ethical fashion brand making stylish swimwear and evening wear. Find them on Facebook or look out for them at pop-up events around Phnom Penh. They also take custom order which are filled by their expert seamstresses.
  5. Founded by French stylist Jean-Benoît Lasselin in 2011, colorblind is a leading fashion label in Cambodia and your place for a unique custom tailored wardrobe. Stylish, handcrafted and high-quality, their clothing will put pizzaz in your wardrobe. You can visit them at their shop in central Phnom Penh.
  6. Eric Raisina, the eponymous brand of its fashion designer from Madagascar, this is where to go for haute couture. From Paris to Siem Reap, color and stunning elegance are at the heart of this brand.
  7. Kou is a locally design brand that makes really cool original t-shirt designs and prints. They also have cards. You can shop on their Facebook page or find them at various pops up around Phnom Penh.
  8. Miss Sew Cambodia makes a range of delicate and lovely clothes. 
  9. Drewe Taylor Designs can be found at Shade240 in Phnom Penh. Shop here for stunning, artful designs, all locally made in Cambodia.
  10. SeungKhmer Design is a local brand working with traditional hand-woven fabrics and Cambodian women to create modern fashion and increase employment for weavers and tailors who can earn from home and improve their skills in the future.


Personal Care, Cosmetics and Soaps

  1. Bumblebee Cambodia Soap makes high-quality, 100% natural soaps and clearing products. They have a superb collection of soaps in a variety of scents and their shampoo bar is the simply the best, with super lather. You can find their products at Shop SATU and their pet soaps at veterinary clinics in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

healthy handmade natural soap

  1. Bodia is not only the best spa and massage chain in the country, they also produce a diverse collection of natural hair and skincare products. These all take advantage of high-quality and traditional local ingredients. You’l find their full collection at each of their spas and also across the country at UCare.
  2. Coco Khmer is a local brand making high quality coconut oil based products. They have a wonderful collection of body butters in delectable scents like lemongrass and lime, a delicate and natural baby balm and their own, superior, version of Tiger Balm, Naga Balm. Check their Facebook page to connect to where to purchase.
  3. Dai Khmer is a locally owned social business that supports women in Cambodia through the production of  handmade natural products using local super fruits and herbs. Shop for them on their website or through their Facebook page.
  4. Thorany is a line of high-quality natural cosmetics, all locally made and using eco-friendly packaging. They have a lovely line of local scents and soaps. You can check in with them on Facebook to purchase or find out up to date purchase information.

natural cambodian souvenir from Cambodia

  1. Baitang Soaps are handcrafted in Siem Reap using ancient techniques and local, natural ingredients. They are 100% eco-friendly and free of all harmful perfumes and additives. Check their website for full stock options and to place and order.
  2. The teas of Herbal Kulen are inspired by natural medicinal plants that have been used for thousands of years in Cambodia. Their collection of skillfully blended teas are not only delicious but healthy.
  3. Jaya Organics is the exclusive line of personal care products from the  Jaya House chain of hotels in Siem Reap, one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable hotel chains in the world. All of their products are carefully formulated to be gentle on skin and the planet and are packaged in glass.
  4. KAMBIO NATURE is a family owned company founded in Siem Reap in 2014. They create hospitality and organic beauty products which are made in Cambodia and formulated by French experts. They have a natural mosquito repellent which is very useful.
  5. Senteurs D’Angkor has been making natural cosmetics and scents in Siem Reap since 1999. You can visit their garden and production center, take a candle or weaving workshop and browse their extensive range of naturally packaged products.
  6. Ta Eko crafts handmade health and wellbeing products using homegrown natural organic ingredients. They specialize in natural soaps, virgin coconut oil and herbal teas. Most of the raw ingredients they use are grown in a village using permaculture techniques.
  7. Totum is a newer brand in the natural body products space. They blend French and Khmer ingredients for their lines of essential oils, teas and water sprays. Find them at Gray Boutique in Phnom Penh.


Cambodia Souvenirs: Silk and Cotton

  1. Watthan Artisans Cambodia is a social enterprise that was established in 2004 to showcase the talents of disabled artisans. They have a collection of carved wooden decorative products, textiles as well as home accessories. You can find them in their showroom inside of the grounds of the Watthan Pagoda on near the corner of Norodom and Mao Tse Toung in Phnom Penh.
  2. A&D is a fair trade brand, working with local artisans to blend design development and fashion. They support ikat weavers and also create gorgeous fashion from upcycled fabrics. Their 240 shop is a favourite of expat and visitor alike. In addition to unique shirts, dresses and textiles, they have a collection of handmade and fairly made jewelry.
  3. WEAVERS is a social, family run business supporting a weaving village and its artisans with a fair trade model. They have a diverse range of scarves expertly woven in cotton, with natural dyes and wonderful patterns.
  4. FAIRWEAVE’s speciality is natural dyes and traditional techniques, which they turn into beautiful, soft and high quality creations for you and your home. This is a locally owned and managed brand with a beautiful shop in Phnom Penh.

fairly made home textiles on a chair

  1. Goel Community is a Korean established textiles brand that is World Fair Trade Organization certified. They focus on natural dyes and 100% cotton textiles and also make a line of cute stuffies as well as home accessories.
  2. Artisans Angkor is one of the longest established, well known and successful artisan brands in Cambodia. They provide training in several traditional arts and have created a luxury line of silks that are sold at their showrooms across the country.
  3. Mekong Blue silk supports traditional silk weavers in the northern areas of Cambodia through the Stung Treng Development Center. They use only Germany quality dyes and have been awarded three UNESCO Awards of Excellence for Handicraft Products.
  4. Taan Weave is a weaving collective in Siem Reap. They make a variety of scarves and throws. You can find their products at Sahak Shop in Siem Reap.
  5. Color Silk as their name suggests, makes colorful silk products supporting traditional silk weaving. They are involved in every step of production from growing silkworms, to dying and sewing. They have a workshop just outside of  Phnom Penh.
  6. Samatoa fabrics is an ethical and sustainable brand that has created its own fabric, made from lotus fibers. They make stunning scarves as well as vegan leather products.


Home Accessories

  1. The Wood is a furniture store in Phnom Penh that makes a minimalistic collection of home decor and furniture to order. All with locally sourced wood and with local craftspeople. 
  2. Good Wood Home Designs make stunning bespoke furniture and home decoration inspired by south-east Asian traditional design and crafts.
  3. Maya Handicrafts is the go to place for handmade products made of local plants like seagrass, river rush, coconut, palm leaves and rattan. They create beautiful handcrafted baskets and other home decor as well as a wide range of bags.

hand woven baskets in colourful colors

  1. Apsara Glow makes artisan scents hand crafted in Siem Reap. They produce both perfumes and candles, all with natural botanical and high-quality ingredients.
  2. Domlei, located in a wonderful heritage building in Phnom Penh, make fun and colorful block print items in local themes like tuktuks and durians. They also carry fashion items for kids and adults. 
  3. Saarti is well-known in the Kingdom for their deliciously scented and beautiful candles. They also make scented sprays and cosmetic products like body butters, all from locally, natural and ethically sourced products. You can buy their products at Shop SATU.
  4. Reakossa Arts is a family run business with an environmental focus. They make classic Khmer figures out of upcycled sawdust as well as handmade candles, balms and teas and coffees. 
  5. Khmer Ceramics makes stunning tableware and art pieces. You’ll struggle deciding what you can carry back with you.
  6. Only One Planet is a social enterprise that imports & distributes biodegradable food packaging to restaurants as well as a line of chemical free resusable items to help ease the terrible plastic pollution problem in Cambodia. Profits are used to support various environmental programmes and initiatives in Cambodia, to including this amazing resource: www.eco-business-cambodia.com. You can support them by purchasing from their amazing line of reusable solutions from their website.

100 Cambodian Souvenirs OOP

  1. Green Lady Cambodia makes environmentally friendly, reusable menstrual products and support education programs for young girls to be confident and comfortable about their periods. You can buy their products in Phnom Penh at Dai Khmer Refill Store.
  2. Soran makes beautiful and traditional works for art from leather and other materials.

And a bonus list of some places, both online and brick-and-mortar stores, where you can find a lot of the brands listed here: 

What great brands have we missed? Tell us in the comments!

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