Kilometer 7

Cambodia Knits’ original group of knitters are located in a small Cham fishing village seven kilometers north of the capital Phnom Penh―hence the name Kilometer 7, or K7 for short!

This group come from three different families at K7 and there are a total of six knitters in this community. They are from the Cham ethnic minority group and the village in which they live is very poor. These producers originally responded to a radio advertisement from Cambodia Knits which was looking for people with knitting skills. At the time some were producing knitted baby booties for which they were paid just 5 cents a pair―with the help of Cambodia Knits they have been able to turn their knitting into a profitable career.

As the first group of knitters to start with CK back in 2009, these guys are seasoned knitting professionals! As well as earning a sustainable income producing lots of lovable little creatures, Rofy and Tyna from this community have trained over 35 other knitters in knitting skills. Their expertise is also invaluable as we test new patterns and techniques. Sometimes they help to edit patterns into Khmer language so these can easily be shared with the other producers.

As they are so monstrously talented, these are the guys we trust with our marvellous monsters collection. So if you have ordered Maddox the monster or Daphne & Delilah, you know they were created by one of these lovely ladies.

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