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One of the stores where we sell our products is Amazing Cambodia; a souvenir shop at AEON Mall on at the 1st floor.

This shop sells products made by artisans from all over Cambodia, they think that Craftsmen put their heart and their soul into each and every piece of work and they want to share the stories behind the products with their customers. They also work to improve the quality of the products based on customer’s feedback.


In this shop, you can find lot of different product from Cambodia like food, clothes, jewelry, beauty products, body care products and souvenirs like postcards, magnets, keys ring.

Stop in and have a look at our selection if you are at Aeon Mall!

Amazing Cambodia was started by Wakana Nukui and is the home of the Dream Girls Project:

After graduating Boston University, Wakana managed a web design company for 12 years. In 2010, she hosted Dream Girls Design Contest in Cambodia aimed at making the dreams of Cambodian women come true and allowing them to be independent.She has hosted the event every year since then, and in 2014 opened the first Amazing Cambodia shop at Aeon Mall.

She visits plantations and factories to see the scene of craftsmanship with her own eyes. She interviews the craftsmen, and tells the world the fascinating story of how one product is born. She also adopts the designs of the winners from the Dream Girls Contest for the souvenir products at AMAZING CAMBODIA, allowing her to strengthen sale activities and builda shop that grows together with the local people and business of Cambodia.




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