Angels and Angles

I remember being in an Eastern European literature class and my favourite university professor asking us if we believed in ‘engines’.  I was so confused and looked around the class to see if anyone else was.  They all looked comfortable agreeing or disagreeing with the questions.  I just couldn’t understand how anyone could NOT believe in engines.  I mean, they make everything work!

Eventually, I realized he was asking about Angels…

This memory has been popping up the past few days as we’ve been trailing a new pattern:  an angel (or engine).   A few days ago I found the wonderful pattern website, Knitables.  It is a lovely collection of animal patterns which you can purchase individually or in sets (there is a safari set, a bear set, a summer garden set) and the wonderful thing is that a portion of the price goes to two charities, the Marie Curie Hospice, Penath and Bobath Children’s Therapy Center in Wales.  I contacted Sarah Gasson, the designer to ask if she would allow us to use her Christmas patterns for a set of tree ornaments and lucky for us, she was delighted!

So the next few weeks will see a flurry of training and buying yarn in Christmas colours.

We tried the angel and the first attempt was, well, scary.  We didn’t have the right yarn colours and I didn’t print a photo for the knitters to look at during assembly.  The result:  a rather evil looking angel.

Attempt number 2 was much, much better.

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