Another Knitting Student…

This morning I got a call from a friend who works up in Ratanakiri (the province in the north-east of Cambodia and my old stomping grounds), asking where to buy knitting sticks.   I gave him directions to the handful of knitting supply stalls at Orussey Market, knowing full well he would have an adventure of it.  The stall number helped, he told me later.  He bought up some bulky yarn (only available at the market thanks to CK) and a couple pairs of sticks and made his way over to the CK office to ‘re-learn’ knitting.

The CK knitters are now happily helping him get back on the horse.  He’s done a few rows of garter stitch on a scarf that he hopes will eventually be finished by someone else… more skills sharing!

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  1. ha, that’s awesome! :)

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