Apsara Dolls: A Souvenir Kids Will Love

An Apsara Doll to Remind you of Angkor Wat

apsara dolls at broken temple

Made to Order Apsara Dolls

Why are our Apsara Dolls made in five different skin tones? Well, we believe all skin colours are beautiful and that all children should see themselves represented in their toys. In some Asian cultures and often in Cambodia, little girls are raised to believe that paler skin is more beautiful, and some women spend money trying to change their skin, often with harsh and dangerous chemicals.

We believe that beauty is more than skin deep: beauty is in the spirit and heart of a person, not to be measured by how they look on the outside. All colours are beautiful and we wanted to represented this through our dolls.

Order through our secure site here. If you are in Phnom Penh, we aim to deliver within 24 hours. For Siem Reap and other parts of Cambodia, please allow 48 hours. Times may vary over weekends and holidays depending on availability and demand.

A color for everyday of the week

Traditionally and according to Khmer Royal protocol. each day of the week corresponds to a different color. Royal family members making public appearances need to follow the prescribed colour scheme:

  • Sunday: RedApsara Dolls: A Souvenir Kids Will Love
  • Monday: Orange
  • Tuesday: Purple
  • Wednesday: Mustard Green
  • Thursday: Green
  • Friday: Blue
  • Saturday: Burgundy

We have adjusted the weekly color scheme to match the colors of the rainbow and added in pink. We can make our Apsara dolls in just about any color with enough lead time.

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