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So a few weeks back, I went to Singapore to try to find some retail outlets for our monsters and finger puppets as well as represent at the monthly MAAD sales event.  The sale was a success and I managed to find 3 retailers willing (and eager) to try out the CK products at their shops.  So here is a brief introduction to the first of the three places you can purchase CK products in Singapore, from their website.

Sunflower is set up by a pair of brothers who bring their complementary strengths into the partnership – Fhank’s enterprising and resourceful nature is supported by Boon Cheong’s creative and social skills. With the common belief in the motto, “You will never know, if you don’t try”, the Poh brothers have founded a unique business concept based on optimism, creativity and entrepreneurship. Through Sunflower, they hope to share and spread this spirit of optimism to fellow entrepreneurs, the casual shopper as well as the Singapore population.

You can find the Sunflower store in Singapore’s City Square Mall (map and directions here).  This month the shop is moving from the 3rd floor the very busy basement and will have an opening soon.  The store is full of unique products, many handmade by local artisans.  They carry fashion accessories, toys, home decorations, eco-friendly beauty products, toys and more.  Check it out!

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  1. Thanks Cambodia Knits, Monika for blogging about us! It is a very pleasant surprise!

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