Contest extended until Friday!!

Just in case you haven’t heard (or didn’t catch it in yesterday’s blog post), you now have until Friday evening to join in the competition!

Here are two more lovely entries:


  1. Oh, contests, what a lovely idea! I would really love to participate as well! And so many wonderful photos you have got of all your monsters. They are adorable, both the monsters and all the kids, playing with them!

    Take good care, all of you!

    With warmest regards

    Lena Lundbladh in Sweden

  2. Lukie slept with both Juju and Juju jr last night. I wish I had a camera before he rolled over and squished them both beneath himself.
    Of course they were joined by Mr. Bear who never leaves his side.

  3. Hey,

    Which monsters are Juju and Juju Jr?

  4. Juju is the blue one with the head and no neck, and Juju jr is the bunny nugget, both in royal blue.

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