Cycling to Prasat Kravan with Kids

Biking to Prasat Kravan Route Overview

Total Distance: 6 kms (3.2 miles); 6 kms on bike path, 50 meters along the road, two road crossings

Recommended age for independent biking: 7 and up

bicycle path on Google maps to Prasat Kravan

Overview of the Route and the temple

As in all our recommended cycling routes with children in Angkor Wat, we start form behind the ticket checkpoint along Charles De Gaulle Blvd. For the littlest of children we recommend you ride a tuktuk to here, rather than navigating the busy roads of Siem Reap. Start fresh and bushy tailed, rather than exhausted and on edge from the traffic shenanigans.

The route is about 6 kilometers (3.2 miles) and the majority of it is along safe, easy and generally flat bike paths through shady forest. The temple, a small five building 10th-century structure, is small and easy to get around and explore. Wikipedia mentions that the temple’s “exterior is striking for its classical lines and symmetry,” something your children will neither notice nor care about. They will, however, enjoy peaking into the interiors and jumping on the stairs.

While the route is easy, your child may not be keen to ride back, or be too tired or snarky for it. You can try to flag down a tuktuk or call one on one of the ride hailing apps. The mobile service here is not great, however, so be patient. There are stalls selling souvenirs and cold drinks outside the temple.

start of angkor wat bike trail

The Route

Follow the path form behind the ticket check for two kilometres, at which point it will curve to the right. It you decide to bail on Kravan and want to head to Angkor Wat instead, visit our post about that here. Otherwise, follow the path as it run parallel to the road and moat surrounding the south and then the east side of Angkor Wat.

At about 3.4 kilometres from the start of the path, the route will turn away from Angkor Wat, eastwards. When you reach the metal gates at about kilometre 4, the bike path used to come to an end, but in 2023 a bridge over the river was completed and you can now easily ride over on the bike path bridge rather than needing to trek your kids onto the road.



After a short ride along the path here, you will again see the metal gates and here you will need to cross the road and join the path that now runs along the north side of the road. This is the final crossing until you get to Prasat Kravan.

crossing road in angkor wat on bike

You will now ride about 2 kilometres along a forested bike path. The path winds a bit and takes you through beautiful forest. When you come out into a clearing, you are nearing the temple. The clearing may be lush and verdant with rice, or may have been recently cleared or just planted.

rice field near prasat kravan

When you see the culvert, you have arrived! Cross over and then again cross over the road and Prasat Kravan will be right in front of you.

riding a bike to prasat kravan

You’ve made it to Prasat Kravan with your kids. You can take a break here and then cycle back or continue onward onto Banteay Kdei and Ta Prohm.

Prasat Kravan on an angle 1

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