Fan Photos

We’re always happy and excited to get photos of monsters that have gone to live abroad.

We received a lovely email from a satisfied customer in California yesterday, Sobeny, who recently ordered a small family of monsters for herself, her daughter and her granddaughter.  She writes:

“I am sending you pictures of my grand-daughter “Aveah” in company of Greta and Daphne and Delila.  She absolutely adores Greta and takes her everywhere she goes; as you can see she even falls asleep on Greta.”

She also sent a few photos and with her permission here they are:

We love these and the knitters really enjoy seeing where their creations have ended up, especially if they bring joy to those who buy them.


  1. Awwww…I really love those pictures!! So cute!

    • Oh yes, fan photos are the best. Have another one I’ll post soon that is very different from the two, but just as lovable.

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