Fun Knitting Pattern for Sale

Introducing our first ever knitting pattern: Twitter. 

Designer Thelma Egberts contacted us a few month ago and offered us this pattern to sell and raise money for Cambodia Knits.  Thelma is known in the knitting world for her very popular Dead Fish Hat, which was featured on Knitty and which you can find here.  You can also visit her website here, for more wonderful patterns.

By buying this pattern, not only do you get to make this funky hat, but you are also supporting CK’s work in bringing employment to communities.  Funds raised from pattern sales go into our training program, enabling us to train more knitters and provide more jobs.

It’s a win-win situation!  Buy the pattern today for only 4USD.

Click on the PayPal button at bottom of the screen to make your purchase.

A funky hat for your loved ones


Make it for someone special


To buy this very fun Twitter knitting patterns, click on the PayPal link.  Once your payment is processed, we’ll email you the pdf.

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  1. Do you guys ship out to the US (from YOU and not from a separate website)?

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