it all starts on Monday…

So Monday is the day that we begin to knit, knit, knit. Up until now its been all about trying to find things and people. Now I have sufficient amounts of both to get Cambodia Knits on the road to actual production. The knitters are experienced in knitting but not in reading patterns, so that will on the top of the list of things that need to be learned. The knitting needles and yarn are all from the local markets and of very poor quality. OK enough to practice and play with, but not good enough to make anything for sale. Luckily, a friend has returned to the US for a couple of weeks and I’ve put in an order for several kilos of yarn that she can bring back. And I finally found a factory supplier in Beijing willing to sell in smaller quantities so the next order can be larger, cheaper and put our importing skills to the test.

It’s very exciting to finally be at this stage! I’m looking forward to my living room being full of knitty chatter and experimentation. The apartment is going to be rearranged this weekend to make the space more “work-like” and comfortable for all of us. Finally, the full space of the apartment will be utilized (our flat is spacious to say the least). When we’re ready to expand to more knitters and need a bigger office, we can move. For now, Cambodia Knits lives with me.


  1. Wow! Just wow! I had no idea that you will take off into the statosphere so soon!
    Goooooooooood Luck!

  2. So, how is it going so far? I will call you when I put the kids to sleep.

  3. Sorry, no can do. I do not have your # on Jack's computer and am too tired to start mine. ANd my e-mail is not available.
    Will try tomorrow.

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