Kitchener Stitch

When in Canada over the holidays, my seestor, a knitting whiz, had a close look at our products and made some suggestions/recommendations for improvement. One thing she recommended was to bind off the tops of the monsters using kitchener stitch instead of a three-needle bind off. Kitchener stitch looks seamless so I decided it might be a good thing to teach the knitters. They are always quite keen to learn more, so Rony and MatKeo, who usually work from home came in for a day of training.

It’s been a bit of a headache for some. Rofi caught on right away and slowly the others are catching up. I think by the end of the day they’ll be semi-pro at it.

We’re also going to start knitting the mouths into the monsters instead of gluing on felt mouths. That or we’ll start stitching them on. The glued on version is not ideal as quite a few of them end up getting frayed off…

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