Knitting Advice on Stripes Needed

So we’re starting a new and very wonderful pattern from Danger Studios, a stripey monster with a baby monster, Daphne and Delilah. We’ve done some stripey things in the past and had a lot of problems getting it right. I studied the tutorial on how to stripe at Tech Knitting (which is excellent and if you knit, it’s really helpful) and explained it carefully to the knitters. They always take what I’ve taught them and within a few hours, do it better than I could ever hope to do it myself. Except for the stripes. I have no idea what we’re/they’re doing wrong or how to correct this.

So I’m posting some photos here of what they’ve knit so far. If you’re a knitter and can offer any advice on how to improve what you see below, fire away.

The one above is Tyna and I think it’s a jog, plain and simple.


  1. I think that considering that you are working in cotton, the joins look pretty good. But I agree – not pretty. Three suggestions: 1. do the joins on the side, where they will be less visible; 2. do the monster body in side-to-side then mattress stitch it together, given that their mattress stitch is so beautiful; and 3. (my preferred) – just let the stripes jog on the monster's back; the knitting is otherwise so perfect that the little jog will just add to the beauty of the knitting and show how even it is. You can call it the monster's back plates or scales or whatever. Just make them part of the monster!

  2. This is from Carol in Hawaii:

    Aloha, Monika … I tried to leave a message on your blog page, but it wanted a "profile" and I don't even know what that means.

    I think your stripes are coming out as "jogless" as possible. I use that same method and always can tell where the colors join. And even in the Tech Knitting example you can see the jog (and I bet they are using quite thin yarn, which would show less of a jog). I say go for it the way it's being done, or else don't attempt stripes. It is HAND knitting, not machine perfection!

    Hope you're doing well. Please say hi/aloha to Sim Souen for me. Hope he's succeeding and enjoying the work. –Carol in Honolulu

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