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The past two weeks at CK, we’ve had a knitting student from Goel project.  Her name is Son Sovan and she’s from a small village in Takeo province where Goel has a weaving/sewing project.  She’s enjoying her studies at CK and hopes to learn enough to be able to share knitting skills with others in her community.  Many years ago, she worked in a garment factory and met someone who knew how to crochet and she learned some basic crochet skills.  She’s now offered to teach the CK staff how to crochet!  This will be a lovely exchange of skills, indeed.

Her training started with learning how to cast on, go a few centimeters of garter stitch and then cast off.  Then it was stocking stitch, moss stitch, ribs and increases and decreases.  Next week she’ll have the chance to put her knitting skills to use in making a complete product.  We’ll teach her how to read one of the patterns that we’ve translated into Khmer and see how she goes.  Project #1:  a pair of baby booties.

This is what a pattern for ribs looks in Khmer.

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  1. You mean all that writing means K2P2?
    Wow – may be you should switch to symbols.

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