Lace Contest

Ok.  Here it is!  All the lace we’ve knit up to date and numbered below.  Now, it’s not just for looking at!  We’re hoping you can lend a little advice, input, your quality opinion!

Please post a comment telling us which lace you like and whether you prefer it as a headband, a bracelet/cuff or even as a scarf, bag, anything else!

Then, and here’s the contest part, we’ll assign each comment a number and use a random number generator to pick one.  The winner can choose whatever product (actually only bracelet or headband because we’re not ready for anything else yet), whatever lace they like and we’ll knit it up for you, in your chosen colour and send it to you!   What a great deal for making a little, bitty comment!

Adding the most recent creations…  They are not numbered because DH is not available to do that in Photoshop.  But from left to right, we have 16, 17, 18 and 19!   I really think 16 is going to be a huge hit!


  1. wow….i love the lace items. i think i am going to try a headband, but not sure if it will work and look good with my short hair. otherwise, i love the bracelets and i think the buttons are too cute. cannot wait to see the action in person!

    • We’re really looking forward to meeting you too and learning crochet! I have some ideas for decorating the workshop with our test pieces and spruching the place up. I’d also really love to try the Broomstick lace pattern on this Chanel handbag. It’s a combination of a hook and a thick knitting needle. We could try to learn all together.

      Dear readers, my comment clearly does not count as an entry in this contest :)

  2. I love the bracelets ala 9 but I love(!) the lace in number 10. Its such fantastic detail, maybe as an edging detail in a bag or one day on a skirt or shawl.
    BTW, this is such a fantastic organization. I love hearing about the work your doing.

  3. ugh, have to comment on my own typo before someone else does; “you’re” not “your”

  4. I like number 5 the most, though all are super awesome. I’m knitting a clover lace pattern at the moment and it is hard to concentrate on lace. This is hard!

  5. I like the shell pattern on number 14… as the bracelet that they made this week! Was great to meet you today, Monika. Will pop by in August with patterns.

  6. I like #12 and would like to use it for socks if I can adjust to knitting it in the round.

  7. I like #3. I think it would be cute as a headband.

  8. These pieces have inspired me to try wearing cuffs with sleeveless tops. You know, I always thought cuffs, especially the crocheted and knitted ones were kinda wtf? idea. But if your things can convert moi, then you have great powers of persuasion.
    And imagine cuffs with cables on them! (I did get the book.) With little snake heads? Coiling around the wrist. Let me figure out how to cable a snake head. That will be my contribution to CK.

    • Yay for the book! And great idea about snakes around the wrist. Bring it on sistah (literally, she is my sister)!
      And, we’re ready for Cambodian Kbach in knit lace! Our learning sessions next week will include ‘try to render this in lace.’ I’ll scan them and send them to you too to try.

  9. I like pattern #4 in color #2, if possible, and I think that combo would be a great headband.

  10. I like #10 as an edging for a ‘tea towel’ or ‘finger towel’ or whatever they call those things these modern days!

    But all of them are beautiful!

  11. I love #4 & #15, both great for either a headband or a wrist band. I think #14 would look pretty cool too as a trim piece for a recycled garment of some sort.
    Your knitters are awesome!!

  12. Love No. 5, 6 or 16 as bracelets.
    and I would think any of them would make great headbands

  13. I like 11 (love basketweave) and 16. I would like them in something that you don’t wear (I don’t wear headbands or wrist cuffs or anything) – so sewn up into a wallet, bag, glasses case, heck even a coffee cup warmer (or as a replacement for that paper thing they give you to keep your hands from burning) – that would be great.

    Although if you had them in wool they would make pretty scarves. 3, 4, 16 and 19 would be the best for scarves, I think.

    Sorry, can’t narrow it down to just one! :)

  14. I like number 3 and number 10, number 14 and 16 look like the stitches in my cloud bolero (Ysolda Teague pattern)

  15. I’m digging 3 and 10, bracelet style.

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