Latest lace patterns

The lace knitty knitting is continuing.  Below is a photo of our latest lace trials, this time in the naturally dyed yarn from Goel.  I think the pattern on the left could make a nice bracelet and the middle one could work as a headband.  The pattern on the right was disappointing. It looked quite lovely in the book, but perhaps it’s the yarn that does it no justice.

In other news, we spent the morning trying to organize the yarn stock and devise a coding system.  You know when you see product codes and find out what they mean?  They’re quite clever aren’t they.  Well, developing one from scratch, it turns out, is not that easy.  Everyone has an opinion on how to number!  In the end we decided we’ll think of codes later.  As long as the yarn is happily stored and organized for now, we’re happy.

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