Local and Naturally Dyed Yarns

Yesterday, our friend and partner Han from Goel brought a student to the Cambodia Knits office.  She lives in one of the communities that Goel supports through weaving training and natural dyeing.  Goel does some fantastic work in cotton weaving and natural dyeing and we’ve been talking to each other (me from CK and Han from Goel) to find ways we can work together and help each other out.  Han hunted down some locally available (but we assume imported) cotton thread suitable for hand knitting and produced some samples for us.  After playing around a bit, we chose a handful of colours and two of the yarns and ordered a few kilos from Goel.

The results are in:

All the colours are from local, natural materials.  The middle orange colour is a kind of curry seed and the mauve and purple are from a tree found only in the area where the Laos, Cambodian and Thai borders meet.  Han also mentioned that it is somewhat rare and they are trying to find alternative sources for the colour.   The colours are lovely and we have already started knitting with them.  Results tomorrow!

Below is one of the products that Goel makes; cute little bears that come wearing different animal costumes.  The ones below are dressed as a monkey (the smaller one) and as a lion (the bigger one).  They are very cute and once the CK shop is running, we’ll be carrying them for sure.


  1. Great stuff! Glad to see what the monsters actually look like!!!!

  2. Those colors are really gorgeous! Have you thought of selling the actual yarn? Those purples are special.

    • I haven’t thought about it! The only issue would be shipping (a big issue). Cambodia Post is expensive and ridiculously unreliable and any of the courier companies are also too expensive…

  3. oh yeah, the practicalities of it. maybe you need to recruit some yarn couriers. :)

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