Mama and Baby Monsters

I realized that I had not yet posted the photos of the completed Mama Monster and Baby Monster monsters that we were asking for advice about in a previous post. So, here they are:

Oh no, the picture is not here. The reason for this is rather long. Smoke came out of my computer today. My lovely Powerbook G4 that has been with me for 5.5 years and that I hoped to keep using for another 5. I don’t believe in staying up to date with the brightest, shiniest, fastest, wowest technology and preferred to keep a perfectly good computer out of the landfill for as long as possible. But, as I watched the light wisps of smoke emanating from the computer, that dream slowly died.

Yeng asked/told/commanded me to backup my computer last night. I said, ‘nah, let’s just watch the movie, I’m tired’… All is not lost as my clever husband regularly sneaks onto my computer and backs it up for me. I’m still going to try the Mac techs at UniYoung and see what can be done. I have not given up hope that I can continue my relationship with the G4 for at least another year. I feel like I am cheating right now using Yeng’s MacBook Pro….

Pictures tomorrow, I hope.

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  1. Ouch!
    My four-year-old IBM tractor without the touchpad and a few other buttons says hi. My reasons for keeping it are the same as yours – it still works, it still have just about everything on it so why change it? That's also why I drive Tata's old car and a not a bran-spanking shiny new Mini Cooper. Sigh…..

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