Mini Jungle Cycling Adventure to Ta Prohm

Biking to Ta Prohm Route Overview

Total Distance: 1.4 kms (0.7 miles); 1.2 kms on bike path, 200 meters along moderately busy road

Recommended age for independent biking: 4 and up

short bike route for kids to Ta Prohm

About this Angkor bike trail Route

This short, fun ride along the new Angkor bike trails, starts behind Banteay Kdei, along it’s southern wall. This trail is generally free of people, most of the time as it is not near the main entrance of the temple. The total length of this cycle is 1.4 km, with most of that on the dedicated cycle path and then along a road for a short distance to Ta Prohm, making it perfect for the littlest legs just learning to cycle.

You get the best of the new Angkor bike trails, greenery, quiet and a special jungle surprise. For an overview of the bike trails and how to prepare for trips with young children, read our post here.

hidden gate of banteay kdei

The trail first takes you through lush forest, along the outer walls of Banteay Kdei, with peaks of rice fields through the trees on the your left. You’ll stumble across a hidden gate of the temple, quiet and surrounded by forest. Build this up with your kids as an adventure into the ancient jungle, to find the lost temple (remember, historical accuracy is not required for kids under 6, they’ll believe anything you tell them).

The Route

If you’re doing this section of the bike paths with very small children, get yourself to the starting point via tuktuk or car. There is parking here if you are coming with your own car. There are no signs (yet) for the bike path entrance, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for it. Once you see the wall of Banteay Kdei on your left, you are near.

start of bike trail to ta prohm

When you walk/cycle in here from the main road, you will be joining the Angkor bike trails that run from the ticket check point on Charles De Gaulle. After about 40 meters you will see the concrete path. Hop on and follow along, keeping the walls of the temple to your right.

After about 350 meters, you’ll come across the jungle surprise: a gate into Banteay Kdei hidden in the surrounding forest. Keep checking to the right as you ride; the first time we did this route, we completely missed it. It’s a great stop for a jungle adventure with young children, who feel like they have stumbled across a hidden treasure.

banteay kdei hidden gate via bike ride

After you’ve completed your explorations of the gate, get back on the trail. It will weave a bit from here onwards and include a couple small hills, which younger children will need help with. You’ll suddenly come to a set of metal gates, marking the end of this section of the bike trail.

You could turn around here and go back to the start, or go on ahead towards Ta Prohm.

bike trail metal gates in angkor wat

There is some restoration work going on here and a small drinks stall up ahead. You’ll need to ride along the road from here. The first 100 meters of the road is not busy.

bike route to ta proahm

However, once you reach the intersection, you’ll need to be more careful. This is the road to one of two entrances of the popular Ta Prohm temple and there will likely be cars, tuktuks and busses. Walk yourself and your kids across carefully and continue along the right side of the road.

getting to ta prohm on bike with kids intersection

There is no bike path in this section, so stick to the shoulder. You can stop for drinks or food at the stalls dotted along the right side. Our favourite is Ta Prohm Coffee, where you can get a delicious coffee and other cool drinks and some snacks. Near the entrance to the temple you’ll find numerous souvenir stalls and public washrooms.

ta prohm coffee standIf everyone is still full of energy, you can pop into Ta Prohm temple, just be aware it is a 500 meter walk from the gate to the temple: a short walk for you, potentially agonizing torment for a small child already tired from a jungle expedition. Ask yourself if you have the energy to carry your child on the way back. If you’re planning to cycle back to the start of the trail, evaluate if a temple visit is possible for your group.

If you decide to continue onward from there, the Angkor bike trail starts again from the north-east side of Ta Prohm, just past the entrance and the stalls.

Did you try this route with children? We’d like to hear how it went and if you have any further tips for others. Tell us in the comments or send us an email.

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