More knitters join the team

Since a few months after we began working at Toul Sambo, other community members who did not join the training have been asking if we will do more training and hire more knitters.  We haven’t been in a position to do so but informed them that once we expand and increase our sales, we will look to recruit more knitters.  Two women from an adjacent community, however, took initiative and learned how to knit on their own.  One woman learned from Sok Mae and Touth Chayron (if you were a sponsor of one of these knitters, you can be doubly proud now :)).  Every time one of our staff have gone to visit they community they have come out for the meeting and asked if there was anything they could do.  A few times, no one wanted to knit a certain animal, so they did.  And they showed they were willing and committed, finishing everything well and quickly. We also had some problems at Toul Sambo because many of the knitters did not want to mattress stitch their completed products.  Not our two new knitters!

So last week I realized that we needed more people working on the large Magnificient Magnetic Monkey and asked the two new ladies if they wanted to come in for a day of paid training.  They did and I was amazed!  They are incredible knitters!  They are as fast as Rofi (and she’s fast) and they pick up new skills pronto.  We also trained Navy and Poan on the monkeys as well and now have tripled the monkey work force.

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