Sleepy Snoogus

Most parents can agree that getting your child to sleep can range from the challenging to the almost impossible. The Sleepy Snoogus were created by a sleep deprived, first time mother in the outlandish hope that a sleepy rabbit  could help her newborn get to, and stay,  asleep.  The Sleepy Snoogus do not actually fix going-to-bed problems in babies and toddlers but each Sleepy Snoogu is guaranteed to be a lovely snuggle partner for your child and a reminder to you that you’re not alone in this.

Each of our Sleepy Animals has it’s own unique sleep profile, many of which you will recognize from your children and the quirks of their evolving sleep issues. Sophea the Sleepy Bunny, for example, has a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. She needs to be cuddled, rocked, bounced, sung to… and just when you think she is asleep and you carefully and gently place her in her crib, thinking you are free at last, those big beautiful eyes pop open and look right at you. Sabay the Sleepy Pig wakes up numerous times throughout the night to eat, at least once every two hours. Then there’s Syd the Sleepy Koala, who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, whether this is convenient for his parents or not.

All of our Sleepy Snoogus are lovingly handmade by fairly paid artisans in Cambodia. We take pride in each and every piece, putting it through strict quality control measures before sending them out to their new homes. We work closely with the people in the communities where our producers live, providing free training and materials for those who want to learn new skills and join our home-based production team. We also keep a portion of all sales from our Sleepy Snoogus line for educational stipends for the children of our producers.

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