Fair trade crochet koala

Syd the Sleepy Koala


Syd the Koala is very good sleeper. He can fall asleep pretty much anywhere, including while sitting on a tree branch.  In fact, he prefers to spend most of the day sleeping and only wakes up for food.

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Our fair trade crochet koala is part of our Sleepy Snoogu line of sleep friends, which remind you that you are not alone in whatever sleep challenges you are facing with your child.

Many parents can agree that getting your child to sleep can range from challenging to almost impossible.

At CK we believe women have the power to break the intergenerational cycles of poverty, to contribute to their communities and change the world. Given economic opportunities, women invest their incomes into the health, education and futures of their families. However, many women in Cambodia face constraints in finding and keeping paid employment. We work within the constraints women face to provide fair, flexible employment and to support them to challenge those constraints.

Our products not only support our producers with fair, flexible employment, but each sale also contributes to an education fund for the children of our producers. We also provide our producers with emergency health support, annual eye testing, interest free loans in emergencies and soft skills training in topics such as personal financial management so they can make the most of their incomes.

Purchasing one of our products is a double whammy of goodness: you get a great product and you support women’s empowerment.

About this product:

100% handmade with love

80% cotton/20% milk fibre

Care instructions: Machine wash at medium temperature; tumble dry on a low setting

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