Team Building Friday Fun

Taking time out from regular work day busy-ness and reflecting on how we work together is important in any organization. We’re committing the last Friday of every month to spend a couple hours together to “build our team”. As we are three brands sharing a workspace and often collaborating and supporting each other, we’ve brought together all the wonderful women who work here from Cambodia Knits, Fair Weave and Khmer Creations, or an afternoon of fun team games.

The main activity was a challenging one. In groups, staff had to recreate a lego (well actually duplo, but they’re just bigger lego) creation. The model was hidden from view however, and only one member of the team was allowed to observe it and try to remember the construction. Once all members felt confident they knew how to arrange their pieces, they worked together (cooperatively, collaboratively) to recreate the model. But once they had started they were not allowed to go back and look!

How did the teams do? Have a look at the final pictures below.

Looking forward to next month’s team building/playing 🙂

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