The Youngest Knitter

Yesterday, my friend Colin came into CK with his daugher, Ravi.  Ravi is 6 years old and visited the CK workshop with her dad the day before.  They decided to come again cause I had missed meeting them and she was keen to see the knitty action and, of course, to see the toys again.

Ravi was really curious about knitting and how’s it done.  I decided to try to teach her how to crochet a simple chain. I figured that since I had managed somehow to do one at the age of 6, then she would be able to do it also.  I showed her the way to hold the hook with her right hand and how to wind the yarn on her left finger and hold the piece.  After many tries, she just could not coordinate so many things at one time.  For us adults with fully developed coordination skills,  it’s simple twist here, pull through here and away you go.  For little ones, it’s a bit too much.

I suddenly remembered that when I was working on my chain, way back when, that my mother was not pleased with the way I was doing it.  I had obviously found the technique too difficult (as Ravi had) and found some simpler way to do it.  I looked at the small chain I had been working on in order to show to Ravi how to do it and tried to work it out as my 6-year old self did.  And I got it!  Instead of holding the yarn taut and wound over my left finger, I let it hang loose, and wound it over the hook and then pulled the loop already there over it.  No idea if you crocheters and knitters have any idea what I mean….

Ravi watched a couple times, grabbed on, and for the next 20 minutes, with deep concentration completed a beautiful chain necklace.  She proudly wore it just as I had worn mine 30 years ago.


  1. “For us adults with fully developed coordination skills, it’s simple twist here, pull through here and away you go. For little ones, it’s a bit too much.”

    Hmm – actually, Ravi’s adult Dad couldn’t get the hang of it either, and still can’t. Clearly, you and R are both geniuses.

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