Training at Trapeang Anh Chan

Since September 20th, CK staff and knitters have been training at the relocation site at Trapeang Anh Chan (TAC). They have been teaching knitting and crochet skills to up to 25 participants. There are a core group of 15 that attend regularly and will likely join the CK team as producers at the end of this month.

Learning how to chain on the first day


Trainees have been learning crochet in the morning and knitting in the afternoon. They started with simple crochet squares and moved onto our new animal range during the morning crochet lessons and during the afternoon knitting lessons, they have been learning how to knit our magnet range. Some people prefer one skill over the other, or are just more adept at one or the other and we hope learning both crochet and knitting allows more of the community members to join us.

This is one fast learner! This student was able to do this in the first hour of training.

The students are doing impressively well! By the end of the first week several had completed our new elephant pattern and in the second week, several were able to knit our magnets to CK quality standards. In the final two weeks of training, our teachers will assess the participants to determine which skill is more suitable for them and by November our team will have grown.

A proud crocheter with her first elephant.



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