As you may remember from previous posts, that finding yarn has been a real issue for us. I actually started the search weeks before we were due to run out of our current yarn supply and it’s a good thing I did. Only yesterday did that epic search come to an end! For weeks I had been searching the Internet, calling people in Thailand and China, traveling to BKK, writing emails and slumping over the computer clicking through 100’s of factories on sites like Alibaba, Fibre-to-Fashion and Made-in-China. I understand why ‘sourcing’ is a department all to itself in big companies and why some people hold onto supplier information like it’s an FBI file.

Once that connection is made and supplier and the need-to-be-supplied find each other, the drama ends. I finally found what I knew had to exist out there somewhere and that is a yarn deler that is able to supply at close to factory wholesale prices without the demand of factory minimum orders. The contact at the shop in Shanghai sent us a box of sample yarn (the yarns were all free, we just paid for the shipping) and colour cards for all the yarns. Opening the box yesterday afternoon, the culmination of weeks of frustrating work, was like Christmas! It was full of variety, all in the fibers we needed, neatly organized and just perfect!

The knitters are downstairs right now, knititng up samples with the new yars and we’ll know by the end of the day which to order. Best of all, once we place our order and transfer the funds, the yarn will be shipped pretty much right away! No more delays or waiting and we can get back into production mode ASAP!

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